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Sharps Container Disposal by Mail Service, Sharps MD is just one of our programs guaranteed to REDUCE MEDICAL WASTE & SHARPS WASTE DISPOSAL Costs. CLICK HERE OR Call Sharps MD at 1-877-950-9222 or direct 1-727-447-6200.

 sharps container is a container that is filled with used medical needles  (and other sharp Sharps Disposal Containers by Mailmedical instruments, such as an IV catheter). They fit into two main types:

  • single use which are disposed of with the waste inside,
  • reusable which are robotically emptied and sterilised before being returned for re-use.

It is standard practice in developed and even underdeveloped countries for used needles to be placed immediately into a sharps container after a single use, with only a few exceptions to the general rule. Sharing needles is often the cause of AIDS(HIV) and other blood-borne infectionsspreading among intravenous drug users.

Needles are dropped into the container without touching the outside of the container. Needles should never be pushed or forced into the container, as damage to the container and/or needlestick injuries may result. In most countries around the world, recapping and de-notching needles is also no longer accepted practice.

Proper use of a sharps container includes pick up by or delivery to an approved "red bag" or medical waste treatment site. In addition to this pre-existing safety measure, all U.S. medical and educational staff are federally required to be tested on their knowledge of bloodborne pathogens.

The most common sharps containers (red plastic in the US, yellow plastic elsewhere) were first developed in 1979  recognized the need for a purpose designed container for the safe disposal of clinical sharps - developing the original container which was first marketed in 1980.

During the last ten years, increased worldwide focus on safety and environmental impact has led to several positive government mandates being issued regarding engineered medical device standards and the reduction of clinical waste output from health facilities. This has resulted in a move toward reusable containers with built-in safety devices such as trays and locking devices. 

In the United States, sharps disposal regulations differ in each state

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ISIPS - International Sharps Injury Prevention Society

SHARPS NEEDLE DESTROYER                                                                                                                

The Shark hypodermic needle destroyer vaporizes needles at 3000° F.   All size needles are transformed into a harmless residue.  The unit is completely self-contained and sealed, all smoke, ash and residue remain within the unit.   The SHARK hypodermic needle destroyer is constructed with a ULPA filter which removes airborne pathogens, including viruses.  The metal hub is removed and separated from the plastic syringe in a one-hand operation.


State-of-the-art trucks and vans transport biomedical waste 24 hours a day, only a phone call away, from SHARPS MD Emergency Response Service.


CONTAINERS and SUPPLIES                                                                                                                        

  FDA and OSHA approved containers are manufactured to SHARPS MD specifications.  SHARPS MD offers a full product line of SHARPS containers from 1 quart to 18 gallons, 30 gallon boxes, red bags, hypodermic needles, syringes, and latex gloves.  


ONLINE TRACKING PROGRAM                                                                                                                    

  SHARPS MD offers on-site certification.   The SHARPS MD technician scans all containers picked up at the generator’s facility and documents the date, time, weight and final destination.  All data is then uploaded to the SHARPS MD’s online program which allows the customer to track and determine their CASH CREDIT.


FDA, OSHA and the FDOH recommended procedures are followed for on-site training by a SHARPS MD certified technician.  The training is on the use of the SHARK needle destroyer and the handling and storage of biomedical waste.







Partnering at Source / Solutions / Mission and History





SHARPS MDs innovative technology simplifies your sharps disposal by utilizing the SHARK Needle Destroyer to remove the needle from the syringe.  The metal free syringe is placed into the SHARPS MD supplied container for processing.   This begins the recycling process and the partnership for profit between SHARPS MD and the customer (partner).



A  SHARPS MD technician scans all of the SHARPS and SHARK biomedical waste containers.  The date, time, weight and final destination are recorded and documented.  The technician then issues the customer a certificate of disposal.



The autoclave sterilization process utilizes pressurized steam at temperatures in excess of 290°F.   This process eliminates all viruses and pathogens.  During autoclaving the plastic softens and flattens and after cooling the plastics are ground, bagged, washed and weighed.



All other biohazardous waste and sharps go directly to the incinerator to generate clean, green energy.  The residue consisting of ash and cinders reduces the landfill requirements by approximately 90% which meets all of the current and anticipated future requirements of the FDA, EPA and OSHA.



The recycled plastic is sold at the best market price for our partners.  A percentage of the profit is returned to our partners. This process is profitable for SHARPS MD and their partners.









Ø  SHARPS MD waste removal program pays for your sharps waste and converts it to profit.  

Ø   Log on to SHARPS MD green cycle tracking program to view or print certificates of disposal. 

Ø  Most importantly? see how much cash you generate for your SHARPS waste.



SHARPS MD was the brainchild of various consultants and their contributions through 2000 Plus Consulting, Inc. beginning in 1997.  There was a huge awareness in the 1990’s, particularly of accidental needle sticks, which were reported in 1997 to be at least 800,000 per year and estimated to be considerably greater. The GO GREEN GET GREEN program of SHARPS MD is the culmination of over 13 years experience.



SHARPS MD personnel have developed a biomedical waste disposal program with the objective to GO GREEN GET GREEN.   The SHARPS MD program is a profit center for both SHARPS MD and their partners (customers).   The partners receive cash credits which increase proportionately to the weight of disposed waste and customer referrals.